Why is Corona so dangerous in cities with fully developed 5G – and what about the melatonin?

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Ok, so this is what I have found and one of the reasons why Corona is so dangerous in cities with fully developed 5G.

Dr. Thomas Cowan, M.D says just what I have been lead to realise and that is that there is a correlation between vaccines and 5G, which has to do about the aluminium in the vaccines.

We know that the aluminium doesn’t get out of the body after the injection (there are studies about this) and that means that it is absorbed in the tissue which then becomes receptors for absorbing increased electromagnetic fields, like 5G.

Of course, this creates many health hazards, but I will focus on this for now:

The pineal gland is a tiny endocrine gland found in the brain. It produces and secretes the hormone MELATONIN, which is a hormone that helps regulate biological rhythms such as sleep and wake cycles. The secretion of melatonin is inhibited by light and triggered by darkness.

For us who are spiritual, we know that the pineal gland is also what our third eye chakra is connected to and our ”ET Phone Home”-button.

When they have done studies about this, they have made some conclusions that the pineal gland is likely to sense electromagnetic fields as light and, as a consequence, may decrease the melatonin production.

What is melatonin good for then, and does it really matter?

Well, except for the sleep cycle it also protects the heart, lungs and kidneys from oxidative stress.

And what is the main organ that gets affected by the virus? The lungs!

My conclusion is therefor: If you live in an area with fully developed 5G your chances of getting ill by the virus if it targets the lungs is worse.

My quick solution is – get melatonin. Don’t get any more vaccines. Focus on organic food if possible. Don’t buy cheap rice from China (it has lots of heavy metals in it). Move away from 5G or force your leaders to shut it off.

Focus on the things that helps the lungs, for example oregano oil (search on Pubmed for the studies on the active substance of oregano, carvacrol, and its effect on lungs – there are 35! and for carvacrol alone there are 1863 studies!)

And no, I am NOT saying that the virus is not real – I am saying MY THOUGHTS about when and how it becomes dangeorous! AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT!

/Eleonor Amora


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(I will continue to add more links after I find the ones I have read before)


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