Have we been gullible about the Schumann?

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Have we been naive again in the spiritual community? Is the changes in the Schumann resonance just how we notice 5G?

I think this part is really important:

”So there is clear evidence of DNA damage, cardial myopathy, neuropsychiatric effects and clear evidence of some cancers, including gliomas, meningioma, and acoustic neuroma. And it is non-contestable that 5g affects Schumann resonance.

Technological frequencies are scrambling the balance of the human electromagnetic communication systems. That’s because 5G frequencies affect thought patterns and the mind. So they can be used as a form of technological slavery.

If you can broadcast frequencies carrying information and perceptions within the frequencies in which the brain decodes information, the brain will decode those frequencies and will have those perceptions.

Its all about control of the brain for the 1% who own the world. In the past they have always controlled our wealth and welfare, which controlled our thoughts indirectly, but now they are in a position to control our thoughts directly.

Every emotion has a certain frequency. Hate has a frequency and it’s different from love as shown by Dr Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiments.”

Is this MK Ultra on an even bigger scale? Is that what the 5G satellites is all about?

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