Research as if your life are depending on it – because it is!

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I have written about this for many years, and taught about it in Star Warrior.

No, it is not pretty. They are the worst of the human race as well as other races.

Research the Podesta brothers who worked for Hillary Clinton. They and many more are behind the Pizzagate where many of the elite in the world were involved in child trafficking.

EVERGREEN” is Hillary’s Secret Service code name. It is also the name of a shipping company that transports children, drugged and boxed up in containers marked ”Live Art – for delivery to Elite Pedopohiles and Pedocours (a pedavour is someone who eats babies) for possible organ harvesting, rape, torture and sacrifice.


Continue to look at Podesta Art from the same Podesta brothers as above.

 If you are still sleeping, then it is time to learn how Adrenochrome is extracted and what it is being used for.

In many satanic rituals the elite are using human sacrifice by murdering innocent victims. The more innocent, the stronger sacrifice, and by this they use children. In this, the blood is what is important, and they also feast on it in order to get the adrenochrome in the blood from the victims.

The elite and famous have been using this for decades, and it can also be extracted from the blood of victims that they torment and kill, since it is synthesized out of adrenaline.

The Adrenochrome is used for longevity, to stay youthful and as a drug. This is as close to the idea of Vampires as we get.

This is happening.
And no, you cannot sleep anylonger.

So why then I am writing about it as a spiritual teacher?

Because spirituality is not just about peace, love and light. For me, it is also about being an Indigo and using my clairvoyance to see through the lies in the world. Meditations won’t work for this. We have to see in order to pick the right politicians. It is about creating a better world, by exposing the dark rulers.

Because, you see, they are not humans. They are reptiles and demons with origins from other solar systems and dimensions, and they are here – harvesting us. If you haven’t seen the movie Jupiter Ascending, then do it. It has a lot of truths in it.

In order to break free, we have to see everything for what it is.

So, why I am emphasizing this?

 Right now they are brain washing us in more ways than one. They own the media. They are also using our sampled DNA to target us via mind control, and as far as I can see it  5G and the new satellites is just another way of doing it.

They are using human sacrifices in order to maintain their black satanic magic.

So what can you do?
Start controlling your energy field!

Start using the exercises in this blog – and if needed, train in the program Auric Core Field Method by Eleonor Amora or attend Star Warrior ONLINE.

This is my field of expertise, and has been for the last two decades.

I am not writing this to scare you – but to remind you of what you can do, and what you must do for us to survive as a human race.



As it looks right now, the US has started to free many of these children from the underground tunnels where they have also been kept.
I pray for that to be true, but we still need to share this information to the masses, and we still need more proof than the picture above from Central Park in NY where they say it is being done right now.

You cannot stop the fight and always think that anyone else is going to free us. The energy control is always all up to you.

Do you want to be brainwashed and a victim of mind control – or  do you want to start taking control over your life and your energy field?

The choice is yours.

PS! Are you afraid of what people might think about you for sharing this, and knowing it to be true?

I would be more concerned and afraid of allowing these murderers to continue by helping to hide their actions.

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