COVID-19 viral pneumonia OR 5G induced hypoxia?

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Read thoroughly – this is what the doctors have seen in the US!

In the past few months, we have collectively watched in nervous horror and growing panic as thousands of people all around the world have been getting sick and dying of ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome).

We are being told that this ARDS is caused by the newly identified strain of coronavirus. But is it possible (or more likely?) that many of these patients are NOT getting sick and dying from a typical viral pneumonia – but instead a severe hypoxia and pulmonary edema induced by exposure to radioactive frequencies from all of the newly installed and rapidly expanding networks of 5G cell towers? And if so, all the gloves, face masks, and social distancing cannot keep you safe.

Is it any coincidence that the regions most severely affected by this “virus” (most recently NYC) are also the very cities where 5G has now blanketed the entire area. And if so – every one of us should be gathering, organizing, and storming our local governments enraged. But instead too many of us are hiding under our N95 masks complacently on the couch.

It has been well documented in studies conducted on humans and animals over the past four decades that the very radioactive frequencies emitted from the new 5G towers are capable of inducing all sorts of negative effects on our physiology. Most concerning right now is the 60GHz frequency – a frequency never before encountered on a population scale before the recent introduction of 5G – that disrupts the structure of your hemoglobin molecules and prevents them from being able to effectively bind and carry oxygen. This radiation induced hypoxia (lack of oxygen) would cause a pulmonary edema (a build up of fluid in the lungs) that mimics high altitude sickness and would be made worse by most ventilator settings. Which is exactly what ICU docs around the world are seeing in patients supposedly dying of COVID-19. And while many of these hypoxic patients may also be found to have coronavirus (it’s a VERY common respiratory pathogen) is it possible that the presence of that virus is just a convenient excuse for the cause of death or disease when the real culprit may be radiation poisoning?

Think about it. @Holistic Urgent Care


NYC doctor says high ventilator settings damage coronavirus patients’ lungs

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