Getting ready for another podcast!

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Despite the chaos in the world, everything is still working out as it is meant to in many ways.

Tonight I was in a podcast together with Sierra at Integral Women, and it will be launched at the same time as our book Empire Moms is being published at the end of next week.

This weekend I will be in another podcast, which I will tell you about later, and next week I have to rent a hotel room to get access to high speed internet, since I am going live on several platforms together with one of my publishers! That is pretty cool, and I am so happy about that I get my voice heard in the world.

Sometimes it is quite challenging when you get a schedule to choose from that is between 10 pm and 5 am depending on the time zones on the other side of the world, but there is always a possible solution.

Freedom of Speech is some of the most important values in life for me as an Indigo, and therefor I have also launched a new platform for a podcast of my own, and will therefor not just be using my website to serve as a library for some I have been involved in earlier, including my meditations. You will get the hang of it soon!

I am also starting a new book project that will be finished in 2 weeks time and am continuing with my online classes.

The quarantine has obviously put many schedules completely off, including our move to the UK, but I trust my guidance and divine timing.

Keep safe everyone, and remember – they will never take our freedom! I will always find a way to get my voice heard – both in Swedish and in English!

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