Multidimensional Healing™ by Eleonor Amora

Multidimensional Healing™ is a unique and trademarked healing modality created and developed by the Swedish spiritual teacher and international best-selling author Eleonor Amora Marklund, which she started to teach in 2011 all over the world.

This is an advanced healing modality that not only cleanses and balances the chakras and energy bodies of the client, but also removes all kind of entities, energy parasites, implants, nano technologies, psychic attacks, attumenents and initiations that the client wants removed.

Eleonor Amora is of the opinion that everyone is born with the perfect frequency for their physical vessel, and therefor Multidimensional Healing™ is focusing on enhancing the clients own energy frequency, by removing all layers that have dimmed their light, bringing power and self-worth in its place. The practitioner is not adding anything that is not of the client’s own energy and soul origin.

The healing modality also includes soul retrievals and soul healing, where we are enhancing and re-aligning the client’s energies to their soul path.

Multidimensional Healing™ works on a multidimensional level, and assists in rewriting cellular memories.

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